Coronavirus Considerations:

Telehealth appointments (virtual visits) are available for current patients and new patients who are in Maryland during the appointment. Due to insurance regulations, we are not permitted to provide telehealth appointments to out of state patients.
Patients who require assistance with telehealth, or who do not have suitable technological capabilities, may request a telehealth appointment in our office, with assistance from our staff.
Limited in-person appointments are available.
Please email us to request an appointment at: appointments@myneurocare.net, and include your telephone number. Or call our office at: (410) 730-6911.


Before scheduling a telehealth appointment, please call your health insurance company to verify coverage and copay information. Copays are due at the time of service.


We Care About Our Patients:
Our mission is to provide the very best care, and to respect the needs and dignity of our patients. Our practice is grounded in best practices in the field of neurology, and in the highest ethical standards. Our staff is warm and helpful, and we pride ourselves on our welcoming and helpful environment.


What We Do:
As neurologists, we serve as consultants to other physicians in diagnosing and treating disorders of the nervous system, including diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles. We also provide long-term care to patients with chronic neurological disorders. Some of the problems we diagnose and treat are stroke, epilepsy (seizures), headaches (migraines), nerve entrapments (carpal tunnel), dementias (Alzheimer's disease and others), multiple sclerosis, movement disorders (Parkinson's disease), dizziness (vertigo), balance problems, sleep disorders, and various forms of pain.


We Care for Our Patients:

  • Thorough and Thoughtful Neurological Evaluations
  • Diagnostic Consultations and Follow-up
  • Clear Treatment Plans
  • Coordination of Care
  • Resources for Information and Support of Neurological Disorders
  • Independent Medical Examinations
  • Disability Evaluations

When medically necessary, the following tests are ordered or provided:
Brain and spine MRI and CT Scans, EEG, Evoked Responses, Nerve Conduction Velocity Studies, EMG, Ultrasound Cerebral Vascular Studies, Sleep Studies.


Experience Counts:

Top notch training, board certification, and years of clinical experience assure patients that they are receiving the best possible care. Dr. Babkes and Dr. Reaven  are highly rated by patients and referring physicians for their expertise in diagnosis and treatment of neurological conditions.


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